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Music Makers

We are delighted you have chosen to entrust Wavefield Recordings with your project. 


This page should provide all the info you need, and take care of the boring stuff in advance so we can hit the ground running and focus entirely on getting creative from the moment you arrive. 




Once suitable dates for recording are agreed full payment is required at least a week in advance to confirm the dates.
see payment info below 


We also require that you confirm that you/all band members have read and understood this page.



Should you need to cancel for any reason we don’t offer a refund, however if you need to cancel 3 days or less, we will usually aim to simply reschedule your session for other available dates.


mixing is charged separately see mixing info below

the rules are few and simple


No smoking inside.


Please leave the place as you found it where possible, and please don't  leave our dog Juno into the apartment, she will steal your food/hearts and make a mess doing it!


Keeping doors fully closed is a must.

10AM - 6PM




NB: we need to know about the numbers staying and nights in question as early as possible as we also rent out of air b&b between sessions.

We love being able to provide a place for bands/artists  to stay, as it allows people to relax and focus entirely on making music.


Our band accommodation is 25 euro a night. We can sleep 3 to 4 people comfortably in a fairly small but nice open plan apartment with a kitchen, separate bathroom/shower and 3 beds (1 double, 1 single and 1 fold out couch bed).


If you need to sleep more than 4 people, or if sharing a double bed/open plan space isn’t prefered, we can often make a room in our own house available on special request at an extra cost of 15 euro.


The kitchen has an oven, 4 ring cooker, a fridge, toaster and kettle. 


If there are extra band members staying in our own house during the night we ask that they also use the band apartment as their cooking/common area for privacy.   

The apartment also serves as your coffee bingeing/chill-out space away from the studio during the day - so show it some love!


The Lettercollum Kitchen Project

take away healthy lunches and snacks (lots of vegetarian vegan and gluten/dairy free options),


Oak Fire Pizza

tasty pizza also with meat, vegetarian vegan and gluten/dairy free options 

Baan Sujittra

Thai food, evening meals/take away, meat,vegetarian vegan and gluten free options,


Maya Asian Street Food

Great value meat,vegetarian/vegan options,

Monks Lane

Really nice atmosphere for lunches/dinners/amazing drinks menu Wednesday to Sunday, limited vegetarian/vegan options, note located in Timoleague village, 10 mins on backroads from the studio.

If there is anything vital for your day to day survival/comfort then a stop for supplies in advance is advised so you aren't eating into studio time with shopping trips!


If eating in, there is an excellent Supervalue less than 10 mins drive, there is also a Lidl and Dunnes a bit further away, as well as the Olive Branch health shop and lettercollum food emporium in the town centre. 


If eating out we've put together a list of our favorites in the area.

Clonakilty and surrounding areas have loads more shops and restaurants to explore besides those mentioned above, and if you are looking for any other attractions or distractions try here:



Here’s a rundown of equipment in the studio and some tips for preparation that will help you get the most out of your time in studio.


There are a range of guitars, amps and instruments including a nord keyboard here, but if musicians have their own amp or instrument they love  then its always nice to start with the persons own individual sound.


Hover For More

We have a fantastic sounding pearl masters kit with a few options of snares and cymbals. This kit is almost always setup and ready to go,  but if you have a kit with a specific sound that will suit the session definitely let us know in advance and we’ll pack the studio kit in the store room before you arrive to speed things up.

Its wise to bring your own pedal, breakables and preferably a throne/stool you are comfortable with. If you have in ears/headphones you know and like then definitely bring those.


Bring spare strings, tuners, plectrums and spare batteries if needed. If you are changing strings for recording, do so a few days in advance so the instrument and strings are settled. If you love how your instrument is sounding as is,then great!


Guitars: we have various acoustics, electrics and basses from fender, gibson, guild, furch etc. to swap in for something different if needed.


Hover For More

Hover For More

Your instrument is the most important to prepare.


Here is a list of things that if done will make 100 times more difference to the final record than which fancy mic we choose:


Rest/hydration, knowing/finishing  your lyrics, practicing the songs with headphones on to get used to how that feels, record yourself on your phone and listen back  to prepare your tone, pitch and delivery, if you want harmonies try out the parts in advance. 


Fender hot rod deluxe, a mesa boogie subway combo, a solid state Harley Benton combo with celestion speaker, a cab with celestion vintage 30, Trace Eliot bass amp, Gallien Krueger bass amp.

Various pedals and toys for some sonic mischief.


Hover For More

If sight reading, have the score prepped and rehearsed in advance individually and as a section if relevant. We don’t keep music stands so bring one if needed. Like vocalists, practicing with headphones is a great idea as holding pitch and tone in a recording environment can be very different to ensemble situations.


Hover For More



Having things heavily planned may not seem so creative,  but in reality it is at least twice as creative. Having a definite structure or plan A means you can ditch it for a plan B if someone in the band  has a new idea on the day or if the producer has suggestions based on a fresh outside perspective. 


Having no definite plan or structure means most of the creativity is focused on simply finding any plan A that works. 

some things to build a good plan in advance


Try practicing at different tempos paying special attention to how the lyrics/vocal feels, the right tempo will be one  where the words aren’t too rushed and don’t drag. 


Even if you don’t plan to record to a metronome, practicing to one or at least knowing the number for a good starting tempo is a huge help. There are loads of online or downloadable metronome apps so there’s no excuse!


Check that the key of the song works for the vocalist firstly and that it’s in a suitable range to sing repeatedly- unlike live, recording may require singing parts many times. 


If planning on adding string or brass parts, considering choosing keys more suitable to those instruments can make life much easier and result in a better sound. For example, a cellist can play in F# but their part may sound much better and be easier to execute in G where they can play more open strings.

Having lyrics finished and memorised will always lead to a better delivery. Lyrics often get tweaked but as always having a good Plan A allows for the creativity to wander into a plan B. 


Occasionally bands/artists have parts recorded in advance to work on or have a demo of the song they want to reference during the session. Sending any such files in advance is best so they are loaded and ready to go.


what happens after recording?

By their very nature rough mixes might have sections of instrumental parts/vocals that may be a little quiet or difficult to judge, so be aware that rough mixes are just an overview of how the production is coming together.
It is not practical to send multiple rough mixes to suit each band member.

When recording is finished rough mixes will be sent by email to whoever is designated the primary contact in the band. From then on for clarity and efficiency all communications from the band should come via email through that person after consultation with other members. 


Rough mixes may take a few days to send depending on the studio schedule. In these rough mixes, certain edits may be made and balances will be set as usefully as possible to give you an idea of how things sound. 


If there are elements the band are unsure of options can  be discussed in relation to editing, or redoing parts. Similarly if after listening it feels like additional overdubs would improve the track, booking in more recording time can be discussed. Keep in mind that if working to a deadline, it can be difficult to schedule in time for this right away, however we always do our best to fit everything in. 




Once recording finishes and the band is happy with the production it is time to schedule in time for mixing and editing. The band/artist should send any ideas/notes for the mix along with spotify or youtube links to other songs they want to be used as a reference. Normally reference material will have been exchanged earlier in the recording process. 


If everyone is liking the direction of the rough mix and have no further comments, that is also perfectly cool and fairly common.


Normally we will have given an estimated quote for mixing and editing when you booked studio time. In the rare occasion that we under estimated the amount of work/time involved then a revised fee will be discussed before starting - normally the extra work will have become evident and been discussed during recording, for example if many more overdubs are done than initially planned, if performances require very detailed editing from large numbers of takes etc. The good new is that everythkng about our methods of organizing and planning sessions aims to avoid such scenarios.



50% of the fee is to be paid before mixing is booked in. 


Mixing and editing  generally takes up to a day to complete for an average song and sometimes longer. Mixing is usually done without the band/artist present as it means the artist can listen with an entirely fresh perspective at home on speakers or headphones they are familiar with.


When the day scheduled for mixing arrives the aim is usually to have a first draft sent that evening, and it is most efficient if all band members are available to listen to the mix on the days in question. The band should then disguss and compile any notes/requests, which will ideally be sent back in a single email via the designated contact within 24 hours or ideally by the next morning. 


The price quoted for mixing includes 2 revisions. Usually the band/artist loves the first mix and the first revision simply involves making minor tweaks. It is beneficial to get any revision done within 48 hours of the day booked for mixing as mixes are done using a combination of  analog equipment and protools, so it is best to do revisions while the equipment is setup for your mix. 


If more than 2 revisions are required then a small additional fee will be discussed to cover the extra time involved. It is rare that more than 2 revisions are required due to the shear amount of work and preparation that goes into making sure those initial couple of mixes are feeling great. 


For EP or album projects the process may differ slightly, as usually the first song mixed sets the tone for the rest.


Once you have a final product you are happy with we will ask for the final 50% of the mixing fee. 


Once payment is received you will be sent the final high quality WAV files.


At this point the tracks will meed mastering which is the final step in preparing a recording for commercial release. 


We can discuss options for mastering with you - either you send the tracks to a specialist mastering engineer (recommended) or if budget is an issue we have our own mastering workflow as an alternative.

IE53 BOFI 90261011537946


Bank of Ireland


Our bank details are as follows:

We accept payment by bank transfer (preferably) or via Pay Pal to



The easiest way to find us is by clicking the postcode which will bring you to google maps 



Travelling towards Cork from Clonakilty, our road (L4026) is the second turn off on the right after the technology park. After turning off follow that road for a mile and a half roughly, you will find a small sign saying 'mojo' straight ahead of you on an old stone wall. Take a left here. Our house is directly in to the left across from that sign. The studio and house are both timber buildings, so you'll know if you've found us! 

The studio is the rectangular building on the right of the drive, if possible please try to park along side the studio, as there will usually be other cars coming and going. 

If you have any issues please contact Brian or Sarah.

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