The Studio

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Designed in conjunction with Munro Acoustics, London, designer of
world famous studios (Metropolis, Grouse Lodge, Universal Music, BBC
studios etc), the studios core consists of a medium sized control room
and accompanying live room designed first and foremost to provide a
flexible, comfortable and inspiring place to hang out and make music.

The control room is a meticulously treated acoustic space ensuring an
extremely accurate listening environment while avoiding becoming an
overly dead and lifeless work space. The room is intentionally set up
to feel more like a creative or recreational space than a technical
one with the room facing out a window for a view of nature with the
live room view to the side, making performing in the live room less
like performing under a microscope!

Our relatively small and carefully selected collection of digital and
analogue tools are setup in a streamlined work flow meaning that the
gear serves the music and creativity, not the other way around. This
streamlined approach to gear also ensures the rooms excellent
acoustics are not interrupted – something often overlooked in even the
most pricey studios.

In the control room, analogue circuitry/conversion by audient, RME
and universal audio provide the tubes, amps and transistors to start
the ball rolling, our custom built computers pack buckets of Intel
processing power, terabytes of storage and loads of RAM to keep
software by Spectrasonics, Waves, Slate Digital, Valhalla DSP, Native
Instruments and loads more ready to fuel the creative process. We also
have a flexible routing system where we can use a range of guitar
pedals, amps, spring reverbs, speakers, tape recorders, real rooms and
other toys to get experimenting to invent some really unique sounds
outside the computer. After all that monitoring by Adam, AKG, Tascam
and others let us hear it all back. We also have room for some cheap
and low-fi gear from the likes of Behringer and Alecis which has its
place along with our extremely basic pair of creative speakers which
are essential for evaluating mixes on a less ideal system.

The live room is spacious enough to accommodate a 4 piece band
jamming with comfort, and again is designed with a specific acoustic
in mind, with a very controlled bass response and a short reverb for
higher frequencies, this room has plenty of vibe ideally suited to
capturing acoustic instruments in a natural yet flattering way. The
room has a 1000 + watt PA system setup at all times for jamming, for
experimentation or for simply blasting out a mix for fun. This room is
also home to our 100+ year old upright piano, which is a nice
old-school alternative full of character for piano sounds that has
made it on to a surprising number of songs already.

These two main rooms are also linked to a number of unique sounding
spaces in the adjacent private living area, which can be used to
complement the dedicated studio spaces as natural reverb chambers or
occasionally as performance spaces. The most interesting of these
spaces is a 1000 + square foot living area which houses the studios
Kawai baby grand piano and which possesses a really unique long
natural reverb due to its mixed surfaces and irregular dimensions.

Our lobby area that divides our control room and live room also acts
as another recording area with a unique sound of its own, as well as
serving as a storage area for cables, guitar pedals, microphones and
other odds and ends, again organized carefully to help a session run
quickly and creatively. Our mike collection includes brands like
Shure, AKG, Josephson, Audio Technica, SE Electronics, Beyer Dynamic,
an amazing vintage AKG c12 style modified tube mike, and some actually
vintage mikes from the likes of revox along with a few crazy
1950’s-1960’s era microphones from Russian flea markets.

Our instrument collection hanging in the hall includes a Gibson
es-137 custom, a Gibson Les Paul BFG, an Epiphone Les Paul, a fender
Mexican strat, a fender jaguar bass, tanglewood, Yamaha and Grimshaw
acoustic guitars, a Mandolin, a Banjo and a ukulele. We also have
Pearl Masters and Yamaha rock tour custom drum kits available with an
assortment of cymbals, shakers, scrapers and stuff to hit.

We also have a couple of fender Hotrod amps, a peavey bass head/cab,
and effects by line 6, boss, Electro Harmonics and DigiTech for
guitars and other sonic adventures.